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What additional benefits provides by Bazzlo

Some of the other benefits offered by Bazzlo include :

- Upto 10 people can create their digital business cards under one subscription. This is immensely beneficial if you have a small business and need to make digital business cards for your employees. You can be the admin and allot these digital cards to 9 other users.

- Apart from pictures and documents, you can also attach videos to your digital business card. Downloading the Bazzlo app will gives you access to several static and motion free GIF templates for use.

- Bazzlo offers a ‘Digital Folder’ where all the cards are organized in one place. You can view your cards, the cards you’ve received and more than 100 templates.

- If your digital business card is loaded with information, you can choose upto 4 important tabs to feature on the main page. These tabs will directly lead your potential target customers to your chosen areas such as your products and services.

Stand out from the card by opting for the Bazzlo virtual card. Bazzlo is among the top-rated digital business cards on the Google play store. It is known that Bazzlo is more cost-effective, reliable and eco-friendly than paper business cards. But it has also successfully positioned itself as the go-to digital business card in the market. Bazzlo is more than an app – it is an efficient digital platform that offers a seamless networking experience. Everyone uses it from individuals to businesses to fulfil their personal and professional business objectives. So every time you find yourself a networking opportunity, keep your Bazzlo virtual card ready to make an impact. Download the app from the play store and start exploring Bazzlo today.