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What is the benefits of downloading the Bazzlo app

Reach a wider audience with your Bazzlo virtual card: Bazzlo allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere. It has a public and a private mode for you that you can choose from. If you want more leads or to make your business more searchable, opt for a public mode. In addition, certain keywords will enable more people to discover your digital card.

Ten memberships under 1 subscription: : One of the major benefits of downloading the Bazzlo app is getting it to share with your friends, family or your colleagues. Apart from you, 9 other people can access Bazzlo's templates to make their own digital visiting cards.

Unlimited distribution: You have access to unlimited storage space; you can also distribute your Bazzlo digital card as many times. There is no upper limit on the number of times you can share your digital card in a day.

Communicate updates with all your contacts instantly: Bazzlo has a Bell Icon feature that notifies your contacts about any changes you make to your card. For example, if they have pressed the bell icon, they will be alerted of all your latest updates.

Bazzlo allows you to interact with people personalised and opens many doors to boost your personal or professional brand. It is not only convenient and relevant in today's times but also affordable and eco-friendly than paper business cards. Moreover, the Bazzlo virtual card is accessible and helps keep your brand on top of your recipient's mind. So the next time they think of a service you're offering or a professional position you're apt for– your Bazzlo virtual card will lead them to you. The app also has a password enabled locking feature –effectively protecting your information. So ditch your paper business card, download Bazzlo and start heading towards a well-connected future.