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What is the difference between Bazzlo and other digital visiting cards?

Technology has evolved rapidly over the years and, and so has networking! It is a well-established fact by now that a digital business card is an important and indispensable tool for networking and growing your brand. With digital cards swiftly replacing traditional paper cards, you no longer have to carry the bulk of paper cards or risk running out of them every time you find yourself networking. As long as you have your phone with you, you will never be without your business card.

If you’re considering creating a digital card for yourself or your business, consider Bazzlo. The Bazzlo virtual card is at the peak of functionality and design. It offers several sophisticated and professional-looking templates for you to choose from. From bright colours that will make your card stand out to muted colours that will give it a more executive appeal, Bazzlo spoils you for choice. In addition, it empowers you to customize your digital business card as per your personality and preferences. But that’s not all. It is also more technologically advanced and offers several more features and benefits as compared to other digital business cards out there.

Following are a few points stated to highlight the key differences between Bazzlo and other digital visiting cards:

A Bazzlo Virtual card is easy to create: Making a digital business card has never been easier. And Bazzlo makes this process even simpler for you. You just need to follow 4 simple steps, and you can create a Bazzlo virtual card in under 2 minutes. First, you need to go to the Play store and download the app, choose a template that best suits your individual or your brand personality, enter your contact details and other information, and you are all set to go! Then, start networking by sharing your virtual cards with everyone.

Bazzlo is a one-way sharing app: You can share your Bazzlo virtual card with anyone, anywhere. It does not require the app or any other app for that matter to receive your digital business card. The Bazzlo digital card directly goes into your recipient’s inbox and gets saved there. Bazzlo enables your digital card to easily integrate with your daily workflow. If the person you meet already has a Bazzlo app, you can share your virtual cards with each other with just a single tap.

Bazzlo allows you to share your card via a QR codestr: When it comes to incorporating the latest technology, Bazzlo is one step ahead of its competitors. Bazzlo creates a custom QR code for your business card. Anybody who scans this QR code will have access to your business card in an organized manner. You don’t need anybody’s number or email ID to send them your business card with this feature. They just need to scan your QR code, and your digital business card will automatically get saved on their phone. This feature is especially helpful during online meetings and conferences. If you want to get acquainted with other members in the meeting, all you need to do is hold up your QR code for them to scan, and they will have instant access to your digital business card.

Bazzlo offers real-time analytics: When you exchange a digital business card, do you wonder if it has made an impact? If the person has actually taken notice of your business card or it’s simply stored away among other files? Bazzlo has crafted a solution for this. Unlike their digital visiting cards, Bazzlo has an efficient analytics system that helps you monitor how many people have viewed your card. It gives you real-time analysis to understand the performance of your business card. For example, you can see when and where your card is being viewed. This helps you understand how your card is being perceived and what changes you can make to your card to engage your target group more effectively.

Bazzlo lets you create multiple cards: There are no restrictions on the number of digital cards you want to create on Bazzlo. You can create as many cards as you’d like. Need one just for introducing yourself? Create a personal card. Need one to network better in a corporate setting? Create a professional card. Need one to promote your business? Create a business card. If you’re a business owner, you can also create Bazzlo virtual cards for all your employees. That’s not all. If the app gets deleted by any chance or you happen to lose all the data on your mobile, your Bazzlo virtual card is still active and fulfilling your objectives.

It enables you to customize your contact information: Unlike other digital business cards, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to Bazzlo Virtual cards. You can create as many cards as you need and specifically customize each one as per your requirements. In addition, you can choose what kind of information you want to share on your Bazzlo virtual cards. If you want to share your card among your friend’s circle, you can include your name and contact number on your personal digital card. If you want to network in a professional environment, you can include your job title, email, website, or LinkedIn platform on your professional business card. And voila! Your Bazzlo digital card is personalized and ready to use.

Bazzlo lets you update your card as many times as you want: Bazzlo allows you the ease of updating your contact information as many times as you want. Whether you want to change a phone number, add a link or delete a specific detail from your digital card, you just have to go to the dashboard and make the necessary changes. If you have several cards and wish to delete one of them, you can do that as well.

A Bazzlo digital card can be shared via multiple avenues: Your recipient does not need to download Bazzlo in order to receive your digital card. Bazzlo follows a flexible approach where you can share your digital business cards via various platforms. Whether it is text messages, emails, WhatsApp, QR codes or social media – choose a platform most convenient to you and start sharing. You can even post the link in your messages or on platforms where your target group spends most time.

A Bazzlo digital card allows your business to be searchable: Bazzlo offers a public and a private mode for you to choose from. Private mode is apt when you want to share your business cards with people around you. But if you want your card to be searchable, a public mode will help your target audience find your card easily. They can type in a keyword on the Bazzlo platform, and your digital card will pop up on their search tab, helping them connect with you. This feature allows you to go beyond your social and professional circle and empowers you to promote your business far and wide.